Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yet another cool travel accossory!

 Bamboo I-Phone Case

Bamboo is a great product to buy.  It grows in abundance and replenishes itself quickly easing the demands on other trees that take a long time to replace.  It's grown all over the globe and used for many purposes including building materials, food, paper and even medicine.  It's also known as more of a grass or plant than wood but it's very durable as you might know.

Now don't even try to tell me that this case doesn't look wicked cool.  As you travel around why not look eco-cool AND protect that all important phone?   These cases cost around $30 bucks and ship from Amazon to you in about 1 week.   Check my Blog Store, Blog Store , and buy one today!


  1. Thanks for sharing this incredible traveling accessory! Its casing looks really beautiful. I have used the iPhone this casing perfect for my iPhone. I really like it and I will change my phone casing as soon. Thanks for sharing.

    Best Regards,

  2. Thank you for your comments, I'll have to check out your site as well!!!



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