Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Negril Jamaica - get out of that all-inclusive and explore!

A lot of people go to Jamaica and stay at an all-inclusive all week long, never leaving the resort.  And that's fine!  But there ARE other cool places to explore should the desire pop up.   I'm going to review one of those places in Negril, Jamaica.  The Jungle Nightclub and Sports Bar.

The Jungle is located in Negril packed in with all the other resorts running alone Norman Manley Blvd.  It's about a 5 min cab ride from our favorite spots of Hedo II and Breezes of Negril.   For a map, click here Jungle Map.  I personally feel out of safety you should take a respected cab the resort can and will offer.

Negril is mostly safe but I'm going to be honest and let you know that Jamaica should be a place where you are aware in your travels.  The murder rate in Jamaica is high, Crime Rates , but mostly in Negril you're safe.  A lot of that trouble is caused by the drug dealing population on other parts of the Island.  Over all the Jamaican's are great people and NOT out looking to cause you trouble.  (would you walk around East LA or parts of NYC at night)  NO.

The Jungle does charge a cover and they have specials depending on the night and time of night.  Sometimes ladies get in free, other times rates are cheaper before 10pm.  But expect to pay around $10 per person on average to enjoy this 2 story club that's been voted the best on the Island of Jamaica year after year.   Who goes to The Jungle?  A mix of a lot of people.  Sure you get a lot of locals (hey, it's their country) and on most nights they welcome in us tourists with open arms.

(Ladies night at The Jungle on Thursday Nights)

Many famous artists have performed at The Jungle including world's famous Island native Shaggy.  (he just did a February 11th show that was reported at awesome)  They play mostly "Island" music being Dancehall and reggae hits from today and of the past.   Jamaican dancers are super fun to watch, I'm including a clip of a Mr. Vegas song where young dancers make me feel even more nervous to step out there and shake it.  :-D


  1. All the visitors seems to enjoy the place. I wish I could too. I've been wondering when could I'd go to places I'd never been, just like Jamaica.

    Thanks for sharing those cool shots. More Power.

    Punta Cana vacation

  2. This is a cool place. I have traveled to Negril several times in the past but had not visited for approx. 10 years. I prefer to do a non-inclusive trip as I like to get away from the hotel and explore local food nightlife and get a true experience of the local culture.

  3. The movie clip dancers make me smile. Check out some photos of real Jamaican dancers here:
    But . . . . do not consider following in my footsteps to an area such as Back Bush.


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