Sunday, March 28, 2010

How can you use Google Voice in travel?

Keeping in touch with friends, family and work while on vacation is always a topic of concern.  You want to get away from everyone yet sometimes you just HAVE to check in.  So how do you do it with ease and low cost?

Google Voice.

Google Voice is a FREE service, Google Voice Link, that's currently in a beta mode and you can only get GV by special request.   You have to go to GV's web page above and make the request, then in about 2 weeks to months you'll get your invite, let the fun begin.  You choose one free number from them with either your local area code or whatever American area code you want to look like you're from.  (I got a local number)

Once you're setup you can import contacts to GV in a variety of ways outlined here, Import to GV.  From there you can start to SMS (text message) to any of those contacts or any US phone number for FREE.   If you're in Jamaica you could sign onto the 'net and do the same, since it's the internet GV will just go on as normal and you can check and receive text messages as if you're back home!

Google Voice allows you to hear your messages on your phone or your computer.  You can even read your voicemail.  That’s right.  Using voice recognition software, Google Voice converts your voice messages to text.  You can receive these messages by email, by logging onto your GV account or text to your cell phone. (but that could get costly out of country)

You can also setup GV to ring whatever phone you want but I'd just use GV's text and voicemail feature to "check in" and see what's going on.  If you want to make an outgoing call you can and your domestic calls are free.  International calls are, according to Google, “just pennies a minute” depending on where you call.  

There's a lot to know and learn about Google Voice and the below Youtube clip will help.  Youtube is also a Google product as well is Blogger which hosts this blog for free.  GOOGLE RULES!   So go click on a Google ad of mine while we're at it and make me a few pennies.  (only if you have interest in the product mentioned)  :-D

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