Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Yet another cool waterproof digital camera!

Face it, most of us vacation are just looking to shoot a nice round of photos so that we can check them out later and extend our vacation mentally.   There are digital cameras that are MUCH better than what I blog about but they also cost $500 plus and are designed for the semi-pro which I'm not.  Instead I just want a quality photo from a camera that can put up with my abuse.

Enter in the Stylus Tough 300 from Olympus.

For around $230 (and found on my store here, Barefoot Store) you get a camera that you can throw in the water, drop on the ground, freeze or even take a picture with.  :-D   You can submerse this camera in up to 10 feet of water or take snapshots with it as low as 14 degrees!   And the camera itself is pretty good coming in at 12 megs and you can shoot HD video with it (with sound).

(the Stylus Tough 300 goes flying off the ground with ease)

It also has a shock proof rating for falls up to 5 feet!   I'm 6'3 so I guess I can hold it chest level and let it go flying!  Think about it, kids can use this camera and YOU don't have to worry much.   Plus this camera has cool Dual Image Stabilization so even if you have 3 rum and cokes in your system that shot might come out looking OK after all.

So think of all the uses while on the road OR at home and pick up one of these cameras today!

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