Friday, March 26, 2010

Fantasy Fest - Key West

Oh fantasy fest.  If you live in Florida no doubt you know what it is.  How do I explain it in a nutshell?  I'd say a bunch of party minded, Florida loving nuts get together and party on Halloween!   It's your chance to get crazy with other Hedonist minded folks. 

The first FF was in 1979 when two Key West businessmen came up with the idea to stimulate business.  I'd say they were successful!   Attendance most years exceeds 100,000 people.   This street party is held each October during that last week leading up to Halloween.  

This year, 2010, the festivities kick off on Friday October 22nd and wrap up October 31st on Halloween Sunday.   For complete list of events try the official site located here, Schedule of events.  Look for a Fetish party, fantasy parade, dungeon of fetish party and more!

Nudity and body-painting are a big part of the celebration so this is most definitely an Adults Only party.  Each year local artists paint up daring women (and some men) with some rather cool designs.  Sample body-painting (rated R).   Warning, if you do go and get topless/nude watch out you WILL end up on the internet.

So where to stay?   Rooms are at a premium and often times booked up to a year in advance so you'll just have to do your best and call around.  You can always book further up the keys and drive in for the events.  If you can book at Marrero's Guest Mansion <---from another post of mine, you'll be in like company beings the resort has a nude pool and daily happy hours.

BONUS LINK:  Sloppy Joe's Stage Cam

Youtube Homemade Bikini Contest!


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