Sunday, March 21, 2010

Peep hole cameras - not cool!

If you've been watching TV lately you might have heard about the case of ESPN's Erin Andrews hotel peeping tom case.  Some scumbag, 49 year old Michael David Barrett, followed Erin to different hotels and filmed her through her hotel room door viewing eye-hole.   Fortunately, this douche-bag got 30 months in the big house and he deserves every minute of it. 

(Tool of the year goes to this idiot)

So how did this pervert do it?  Apparently there are devices like the ones shown below that allow people to film using a doors eye hole device.  Here at our blog we pride ourselves on being free, having fun, enjoying liberal places and the like, but ONLY if it's consensual!  This man took the photos then posted them to the internet where other people spread them around like wildfire.

(what the devices can look like)

So I wanted to give some hotel safety tips for all of us to consider in light of these recent events.  Dectitive Kevin Coffey has some great tips on his page here, Travel Safety Tips, and I'll highlight some of them below.

What to look for in a hotel

Secure locks on windows and adjoining doors.
If possible, select a hotel with has installed modern electronic guest room locks.
Well-lit interior hallways, parking structures and grounds.

 When arriving and checking into your hotel room

Keep a close eye on your luggage, purse, etc when checking in.
When registering, sign only your last name and first initial.
Instruct the desk not to give out your name and room number.

Elevator safety

Women should be accompanied to hotel room and room should be checked.
It is wise to board last and select floor buttons last.
Observe all passengers in elevators.

When checking into your hotel room

Examine the guest room lock and be sure it is functioning properly.
The closets and bathrooms are checked to make sure no one is hiding.
The door to your room must never be opened by anyone unless the guest is absolutely known.

When you leave your hotel room for the day or evening

When you leave your room, always leave the television on.
At night, leave a light on and drapes should be partially opened.
Don't display you guest room key in public or even inside the hotel/swimming pool. 


So have fun, go wild but please people, be safe.  We want you to come back and keep reading this blog!   And if you guys came here looking for the photos taken of Erin Andrews, go jump off a bridge and don't come back.

(shine on Erin Andrews)

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