Monday, March 22, 2010

Haulover Beach - Florida's legal nude beach

Actual Beach Sign!

There are not many places in the US where you can go on the beach 100% legally in the buff.  Haulover is one of them.  This park has seen it's fair share of nude sun seekers since the 1980's but eventually the government gave up and legalized it in 1993.   The park can see up to 7,000 visitors per day and guess what, they all pay for parking.  At $6 a pop this income is very helpful to the local government.  (local officials claim upwards to $800,000 annually)

(Haulover is in the Miami area)

The park is open from 7am till dusk daily and has seen a number of local models and other semi-celebrity.  The sand on the beach is very white and of high quality, the waters are safe for swimming and exceptional warm in the summers.  (mid 80's)  You'll be sure to enjoy the sand dunes and even concession stands are serving up goodies. 

What types of people go?  All kinds.  Now this is South Florida so it does tend to be a decent looking crowd but don't let that stop you.  Couples, singles, gay, straight, old and young - everyone is welcomed at the beach.   On New Years Eve 2009 to 2010 beach seekers camped right out on the beach for "Nude Years Eve", Nude Years Eve, and other events are planned.

Here's an excellent Youtube Clip about the beach!

So next time you're in Miami why not hit up this legendary beach.  It'll only cost you $6 bucks, dark shades and a giant bottle of SPF 40.   Don't worry so much about the other guests on the beach, everyone is pretty much worried just like you so really it does not matter.   Directions provided here:  How to get to Haulover


  1. It is absolutely clean and peaceful most of the time. I just go with a good book and just lay down in the sun. There are families that go there with little kids and I find that very lovely too. We really enjoyed there and always suggest that visit there and enjoy the vacation.

    Best Regards,

  2. Thanks for your comments. The little kids thing on a nude beach is kinda freaky, but other than that...

  3. Thanks for the great article... it also help my in my travel blog for nice articles.

  4. Many families feel that there's nothing wrong with the naked human body and wish to raise their children similarly disposed. Of course, hauling an unwilling child to a nude beach is another matter.

    In fact, at Haulover Beach you find a void in the age demographics. Teens at or near puberty have anxieties about their bodies, clothed or not. They tend to stay away from the beach. Instead, you find children from infants up to around eight or ten, then from around 17 up.

    The point is to not discomfort anyone, of any age. Some parents are concerned that a pedo might take interest in their kid, so they keep the child in a bathing suit even though they are themselves nude.

  5. Everyone's a pervert there, don't be fooled. The lifeguards, the regulars, the guests, the queers. Everyone. The place must be closed and by Florida's new conservative republican governor asap!

  6. Lol I can't wait to visit there today I'm ready to show just some boobs!!


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