Tuesday, October 19, 2010

When you travel all you need is your I-Pod.

Two things I love are traveling and I-Phones.  And this dude thinks you can use your I-Phone solely when you travel to stay in touch with peeps back home.  Heck, you can even catch Irie FM on it when at home as I talked about here, Irie FM on your I-Phone.

But as you travel, these are some of the things you can do
  • It's your computer
  • It's your VoIP Phone
  • It's your camera
  • It's your recorder
  • It's your social networking
  • It's your text message tool
  • It's your entertainment on the road
 (just trying to keep your attention)

 With all the app's the Apple store offers (a lot of them free) and Google Voice/G-Mail you can do just about anything so long as you can get that phone near WiFi.   When you're in the US, not a problem, just use the phone's 3G service.  But when you're out of country, WiFi turns your phone into a virtual phone!

Do you want to make calls to landlines back in the states?  Get Skype and call all you want.  Do you want people to be able to call you?  Get Google Voice and have them call you in Jamaica on your "local" line.   Text whoever you want using Google Voice as if you were back at work.  Plus, the App store has a ton of cool travel apps, 10 of which are free and outlined here:  10 free travel apps.

Explore the link below to see just what you can do!

BONUS LINK:  Official AT&T I-Phone tips:  AT&T Travel Tips

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