Thursday, October 28, 2010

Should you order ED pills online?


I've known a lot of my gentelmen brothers to take some ED pills while on vacation, or at home, or at cool parties to help give them an extra boost in the bedroom.  I honestly don't think any of them needed it (but how would I know) but I've also wondered is it wise to take them prior to an actual ED need?

Sites like this one, Erectile Dysfunction, sell the famous little pills in generic from just $2 bucks a pill in buying in quantity or around $3-$4 a pill when you make a small 10 pill $40 dollar order.  They are selling all the famous knock offs:  Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. 

How long do they normally last?
Viagra: 5 hours
Levitra:  6 hours
Cialis:  up to 36 hours

(Cialis Pack of 10)

Some side affects of any PDE5 blocker (the stuff most of these are made of) can include color vision errors (mostly with Viagra), headaches, muscle cramps (mostly with Cialis), it may lower your blood pressure and leave you with a killer 4 hour woody!   Of course any of these facts are here-say as I'm not a doctor.  

So are the risks worth the pleasure?  Is the guy on the blue boat in Negril still selling?  :-)

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