Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pirate Latitudes - a great read!

If you'd like a good read while at the airport or in flight here's a nice little 300 page plus read from the recently late Michael Crichton (pronounced like frighten but with a C).  He's the same author that wrote Jurassic Park and came up with the hit TV show ER.  Steven Spielberg also has picked up this book and in 2011 it'll start to turn into a movie.   It features Jamaica and the general Caribbean so it's a great "take me home" read.

Weird fact:  This book was discovered on Crichton's computer by his assistant after death.  Was it really meant to go to press?

(click the link to buy it from just $5, the 
cool old paper looking hardcopy)
 Pirate Latitudes from Amazon

Crichton sets the story in 17th century Port Royal, Jamaica, home to all the shady pirates and privateers of the Caribbean. A motley band of pirates head out to storm a Spanish fortress in the Caribbean and capture a ship of Spanish gold.   Of course things go amiss and the resulting adventure is a sound one. 


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