Friday, October 29, 2010

What's up with the "W"?

So I have this little travel blog and we have a W hotel about 8 miles from us in oh-so-trendy Hollywood.  Last week I had a buddy in town so I decided to spin him around town and we found ourselves high on-top the W taking in the views.  The place was pimping!

(Yours truly at a W deluxe cabana)

With locations like Hollwood, Miami Beach, Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Boston and even overseas in London, Complete List, The W hotels are spreading their hipness across the globe.  W is owned by Starwood Hotels and at most locations a room will cost you at least $240 or more. 

(The W Hotel in H'Wood) 

 While staying at a W you'll enjoy such things as cool pool decks, way cool bars, super cool rooms, free WiFi & shuttle service.   Don't forget about your food and drink!  When you book online at the link below you get TWO free drinks, free parking and breakfast is on the house.  (they better at those rates)  :-)   

But, it's a very cool hotel to stay if you're in the mood for trendy luxury.  If you're looking to save money, you better hit up a Motel 6 or something.


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