Saturday, October 16, 2010

Spice Lanzarote - a new lifestyle friendly & all inclusive resort

We got the resorts in Jamaica plus resorts in Mexico.  Now, if you would rather fly across the Atlantic to the island of Lanzarote that's 81 miles off the norther coast of Africa - you got one more option.  Google Map.   Spice opened up over the summer of 2010 and bills itself as a nudist/lifestyle friendly/all inclusive resort.

(The island of Lanzarote)
A few FAQ's off their site read like this...

    Is nudity allowed everywhere?
If you desire, you may be naked in all areas of the complex at all times of the day and night; however we do ask that guests dress in the restaurant and in reception and if you go out of the resort.

Is sexual activity permitted everywhere?
Spice thrives on a sexually charged atmosphere and the freedom to indulge in your fantasies. But please do respect other guests that may not be as liberated as you and may actually find some activities offensive if carried out in public.

 Spice has everythying you could expect from these types of resorts including pools, good food, a sexy disco and even an adult playroom - you can guess what happens there.  SEX!  Theme nights include Spice night, Black and White night, a carnival night and more.

 I'm seeing prices from 108 to 200 per person per night, but mind you I'm pretty sure that's in the Euro.  At press time one euro is worth about $1.45 in American moola.   You do the math.  :-)  They also have several deals where you can book for 7 nights and get a free  night or two.  One side note:  It's a three day minimum stay. 

To see more about them go direct to their site. 

Have you been there?  If so, please comment!!!

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