Friday, August 19, 2011

The "disco" at Hedonism II

If you've been to Hedo II in Negril Jamaica then I'm sure you've been to the disco.  It's official name is "Club Hurricane" but not many people really call it that, to most, it's simply "the disco."   It's where some locals come to meet people and where the weekly PJ Parties happen.  It's also a place that some people, who frequent Hedonism II, complain about being too loud, too hot and having the occasional prostitute working at.

It's advertised hours run from 10:30pm till 5am or till the last person leaves.

Now one topic that comes up a lot over at the Denny P message boards is the music selection that's played.  Most nights the resident DJ's play mostly Jamaican dancehall music - more modern hits, that come from the island, such as Mr. Vegas, Bennie Man and Vybz Kartel.

(the disco with it's glass wall facing the waterslide pool)

But a lot of guests want "their" music played.   Music from their era back in the States.  Well, IMHO, when in Jamaica, you get Jamaican music!   I like the hits of the island so it works for me and you can't expect the DJ's to play whatever music YOU like wherever YOU go.   Sure, you can cater to the guests of a resort, but the guests themselves need to be mindful of the island traditions and music.  You also can't expect a club in Jamaica to just play Bob Marley 24/7.

 How's the vibe at the disco?  Most nights you'll find a mix of guests plus locals who buy their way in with a night pass.  But the mix is around 70% guests/30% locals.  It used to be deathly hot in the disco but recently they've installed a new AC system so it can be even chilly now.  The disco also has a bar as you walk in and restrooms just out side it.    It also has a few cubby-holes that have been known to be visited by a few risky couples to mess around in.

One thing I've seen is the local guys at the disco looking to hook up with ladies dancing there.  I'm sure they've had some luck and the ladies are just as happy.  For the guys you'll sometimes see a few attractive ladies around that are actually, "women of the night."  They buy their way into the resort looking for single guys (or couples I guess) to hook up with, for pay.

But overall the disco is a fun place to dance, meet up with friends you've meet at the resort and party.  You can get pretty wacky on the dance floor in terms of sexiness and nudity too.

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