Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sea Mountian Inn is hosting "Shedonism"

Sea Mountian Inn in Desert Hot Springs, CA is hosting a desert party called "SHEdonism" September 20th, 2011.   SMI is that wild party place out in the California where just about anything goes.  Think Hedonism II in Jamaica but add another 2-3 layers of naughtiness to it.

Shedonism is a new and original Sea Mountain concept where the celebration of women as the co-conspirators of the freedoms of SMI rule!  The SHEdonism package is only $159 per couple and includes all day and evening at the resort.  It also includes a spa lunch, beverages, use of the pools and entire retreat.   And don't miss out on the sexy ultra lingerie rave which includes dancing with an open bar, snacks and a costume lingerie contest with $1k in prizes!

Come for the day and enjoy the sun and stay 'til the small hours of the morning with music and sensational fun for just $159 for two of you!   Lunch and beverages included!    The package is from 10:30am in the morning 'til 2am the next day and you may come and go as you please.   You can also contact SMI to book for the night if they have room, if not, they're hotel rooms you can book in the area for good prices.

The VIP Spa Number is: VIP69V for your bookings.

Call them @ 760.251.1230 or check them out further @

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