Saturday, August 20, 2011

An unofficial nude beach - Little Beach in Maui, Hawaii

If you're looking for a place to bare all in Hawaii then Little Beach on the souther tips of Maui is for you!  While nudity is not generally allowed on Hawaiian beaches, the courts have agreed to look the other way in the case of Little Beach, making it Maui's unofficial clothing-optional destination.  This beautiful strip of sand was a favorite of the hippie population during the 1960s and remains a popular destination for naturalists from all over the world.

Bonus videoBusty teen gets naughty at Little Beach.

The swimming and snorkeling are reported to be sensational at this popular sunbathing spot.  Plus people meet up every Sunday at sunset for the drum circle and fire dance.   However, Little Beach is inaccessible by car, so be prepared to park at Makena (otherwise known as Big Beach) and hoof it from there.  Google Map of Little Beach.  But here's a tip, car break-in's have been noted at the Big Beach parking lot, so be mindful of your valuables. 

Check out the Friends of Little Beach for more info about Little Beach.

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