Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sailor Jerry - a rum review

I finally grabbed a bottle of Sailor Jerry when I found it at the local market priced at $16 for a big ass bottle (1500 mls?).   The guy who worked the counter was saying it sells #2 for him just behind Bacardi Rum.  So what the hell, let's give it a shot.  Sailor Jerry Rum is a blend of Caribbean rums based on a recipe of tattoo legend Sailor Jerry.  The bottle itself has a vintage look that's simple and has hula girl designed by Jerry himself.

(personal stock)

On the nose:   I unscrewed the cap (no cork) to my new bottle of rum and was hit with a spiced/sweet smell.  Let me see...caramel smells and fruit.  Is it cherry?  Banana?

To the eye:  It's a nice rich looking dark rum that reeks of either lots of years in wooden barrels or fake coloring added.   I'll research that later.

On the tongue:  Sailor Jerry is good!  It has that nice spiced Caribbean flavor but also hits you with smooth caramel, banana and cherry flavors softening it's 92 proof potency.

Overall:  I think it's an excellent rum that mixes VERY well with a cold Coke on the rocks.  Or you could enjoy it straight up and be very happy.  I wouldn't used it on a Mojito, I'd stick with 10 Cane for blended tropical drinks.   But it's a very very nice Rum and Coke blend.

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