Friday, August 19, 2011

PG -13 rated photos from DR Nights

DR Nights is a sweet little resort in the Dominican Republic where the food, drinks AND women are all included for one price.  And recently one of my blog readers went down there for a 3 night stay (lucky bastard) and came back with a few photos for me.  Funny thing is, he can't even remember this escorts name.  The problem is - is that he had 4 different girls during his stay and apparently a few too many drinks.

Whatever the case he (he didn't want his name out there) had a blast and sent back a few photos of this busty babe he got to hang out with.  These were taken after lunch on his third day there.  Speaking of food, it's a good thing DR Nights as a nice menu selection to keep up that energy the a guy might need at a place like DR Nights.   His trip cost him around $3,950 and that put him in a very nice Caribe suite deluxe room.  All in all a great time!

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