Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wife bangs guests at Hedo II in Jamaica

Here's a story out of Jamaica's Hedonism II that features sex, sex and more sex.  Not that this story can't be true, for anyone who's been to Hedo II knows that sex is a part of your vacation.  A lot of people want to research up and see if the rumors are true, well, they are.  Outdoor sex, indoor sex, sex with your spouse, sex with another spouse...it all can and does happen here.

 "Before we left for Jamaica, I researched Hedonism on the internet. We would be staying on the nude side but there were a variety of themed nights where Sally could wear interesting outfits. So we packed several sexy bikinis, teddies, and other lingerie for evening wear. From what I could read, I realized that Sally’s fantasy might really come true..."

To see more, go to our X rated message board and read the full story! 


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  2. Does Penis Size REALLY Matter at Hedonism II? Yes, it does in every ways you think. Women talk about this critical matter when they are alone.


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