Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lover's leap in Jamaica

The legend of Lover's Leap is one of the best known Jamaican folk tales.  As with many Jamaican stories, parts of the tale are probably factual.  According to the story, two young slaves were in love.  They used to meet in secret at a property near Lover's Leap.  Their owner wanted the girl for himself, and arranged to have her lover sold.  Getting wind of the plan to separate them, the two tried to escape.  The master gave chase, and they fled to Lover's Leap.   Preferring death to capture, they jumped hand in hand over the cliff,  hence the name Lover's Leap.

An old woman watching saw them jump, but said they did not die.  The moon caught them in a shining net and pulled them up.  They were last seen holding hands on the moon as it descended into the sea.  Thousands of people from across the globe have set eyes on one of the most picturesque scenes on earth located here.

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The view is awesome, breathtakingly beautiful, and only eyes can describe it best. It is a 1,700ft. cliff overlooking the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea.  Nearly half of Jamaica's south coast is visible from the cliff, not to mention the sky meeting the sea in one oval blue, never seen anywhere on earth.  Visitors say it's one of the most amazing views they've ever seen.

To learn more about Lover's Leap check out some Jamaican school kids who tell you more about the story and the location:

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