Friday, June 24, 2011

A Sea Mountian Inn trip report

We have visited SMI five times and had a great time each time. People should know several things about SMI.  First, it is very much a swinger's place. While there is absolutely no pressure to be involved in swinging, sex is everywhere. You can watch it, you can be watched, you can jump into an orgy, you can dance naked... you name it. Second, the rooms are great. Third, the food is junk. They provide a few snacks, but nothing to get excited about. Even when they supposedly catered, the best we experienced was KFC.   

Fourth, you never know what the crowd will be like. We have been there when the crowd looked like nudist day at the old folks home and we have been there when there were nothing but hot couples with hard bodies everywhere. We have been there when people sat around all day and went home early and we have been there when the sex didn't stop for 12 hours. Fifth, leave everything you can in your room or in hour hotel (if not staying there) because the lockers are worthless. Even if you bring your own lock, you will have a difficult time fitting the lock on the locker, and all lockers will probably be taken. 

We leave everything in the hotel, show up in loose clothing and sandals, and don't worry. Sixth, people complain about the lack of bathrooms, but there are two and sometimes you have to wait a few minutes, but it's not a big deal. Seventh, don't assume people who go here are swingers. I would guess that 80% like to have sex alone in a sexy environment without touching anyone else. That said, we have seen some pretty wild orgies, but they are not the rule. Eighth, the dance floor/round bed area is small.  There is just no real room for group sex to happen comfortably.  The glowing reports that there is nothing like SMI in the world are pure marketing... that doesn't mean it's not a great place.  It is.  And the complaints about everything being small are exaggerated.   Even when it is cramped, being around 150 naked people is fun.

 In general, the staff is nice. Dewey (I suppose the owner) tries to do everything possible to make people comfortable and generally will respond immediately to any request. If you need something, ask him, because the other main person there is just rude and she has been every time we went. Avoid her and things will be OK.

As a rule, if you are open to relaxing naked and maybe having some sexual fun, it's a great place. If you go with swinging in mind, it might happen and it might not. Don't have high expectations: enjoy it for what it is, a unique place where you might well have a lot of fun, and you will have a great time. Expect wild parties with models and gourmet food every night of the week and you will be disappointed. 

Lisa and Dave

BONUS <---story from SMI

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