Monday, June 27, 2011

Schick Hydro shaving system

You know what sucks?  Shaving with a dull crappy razor.  You know what doesn't suck?  Shaving with a Schick Hydro razor.  I got one the other day and when I used it to shave it felt like my 2 day beard just melted off like butter.   I was thinking if you were on a vacation and wishing to look good, this would be a nice razor to have. 

Schick Hydro 5 (1 Razor + 1 Cartridge)

According to one other user over at, "Like many, I've been using Gillette for quite awhile, however, while in Vegas I checked into a high end spa, and when ready for cleaning up I asked if they had complimentary razors.  Hey did, and I was handed a Hydro 5.  It's about as good a shave as I've ever had, and what's better, the blade lasted quite a long while once I got home.  After I threw the blade away I went back to my old brand, but wasn't the same.  The aloe solution gives a very comfortable feel on every pass. I'm definitely now sticking with the Hydro."

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