Thursday, April 22, 2010

Historical photos and places of Jamaica!

I think you all know how I feel about Jamaica, I love it!   I also have gotten into history more in the last few years.  PRESTO, here comes a historical photos and places of Jamaica post!   Jamaica has a rich history even out-dating America.  I'll try to post some photos here of early Jamaica and events over the years worth looking at.


Created 1671 by John Ogilby from

A Concord Airplane flies to Montego Bay in 1987

A modern photo of an OLD sugar mill water wheel in Montego Bay

Bob Marley in Kingston in 1963 with his Mother.  Approximate age 18.

An old scuba tank washed up on the east coast of Jamaica

Haile Selassie visits Kingston in 1966

A remarkable cache of rare Fine Old Jamaica Rum circa 1870-1890
Read about them here:  Old Rum

Photograph by Algernon E Aspinall. 
Image on postcard posted in Retreat, Jamaica 1922. 

Old Jamaican managroves along Jamaica's "Black River"

In 1912 these two ladies perpare for church near St. Ann


  1. Thanks for posting this, its always nice to share educational information, great pics, yum yum old rum, thanks!


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