Sunday, April 25, 2010

La Piedra Beach in Malibu, CA - A personal visit!

If you're like us and luckily living in Los Angeles you're not all to far from La Piedra Beach in Malibu.  It's a hidden little beach just south of famous Paradise Cove.  Google Map of La Piedra.  (Do a street view, it's cool)  It's a state park that's open from 8am to sunset daily and they have a nice little parking lot that cost $4 as of last fall of 2009.

Once you pay and park you better break out your shoes are heavy duty sandals as you got a 200 foot decent down a dirt trail.  Watch your step at the base as the trails runs out at basically a big pile of huge rocks with waves rolling in (at high tide).   But the trail is a nice nature hike, going down is much easier than the hike up, burn those legs people!

(a lizard we found on the trail down)

Once you do make it down to the beach it's a nice secluded spot where not many people will be.  You'll find couples, surfers, families and we even saw one topless lady with her man.  This area of beach and it's larger co-part just south on the PCH, El Matador, used to have frequent nudist but over the years it's dwindled down to just a few brave naked souls. 

To read a cool blog about one fashion photog's adventure at La Piedra check out this link:  Photo shoot at La Piedra Beach.

(my lovely dips her toes in the cool waters)

 (our lonely v'ball and the ocean)

(a mystery wash-up from the Pacific)

Besides nudity another thing that's technically not allowed on this beach is dogs.  So what did we do?  Brought along our little guy Chico to help us explore the findings in the sand.  Note:  Chihuahua's do like to play (dig) in the sand but are NOT fond of waves chasing them right where the water breaks.  :-D

At the end of the day we were tired yet LOVED our little "daycation" to the beach.  For $4 bucks of parking and a gallon or two of gas it was well worth the cost and time.  If you're living in Los Angeles, get out there and report back your adventure to La Piedra.  If you're visiting LA then I vote this as a place you should check out time permitting.

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  1. La Piedra does not allow dogs for safety reasons -- not safe for him/her, for other beachcombers/surfers/swimmers, and for nature. Do your dog and your wallet a favor and leave pooch in a more welcoming place. Tickets for illegal dog presence are given and are expensive.


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