Friday, April 30, 2010

What exactly is Emancipation Park? Kingston, JA

Emancipation Park is located in "New Kingston" which is about  3 or 4 miles away from the warm waters of the Caribbean.   It was completed in 2002 and now stands as a symbol of Kingston's attempt to revitalize it's surroundings.

"The Park was created to be a symbol of our Freedom to Hope, to Excel and to Be"

(an aerial view of the 10 acre park)

Where is it:  Kingston, Jamaica Google Maps to Park

This spacious park includes a running track, fountains, walk paths, reggae music pumping from hidden speakers and lots of green grass in the middle of the city.  Consider it a mini version of NYC's Grand Central Park.   One of the focal points of this park is a $4,500,000 US dollars statue called "Redemption Song" , by Laura Facey-Cooper.   It's a larger than life image of two slaves gazing up to the heavens.  The figures are around 9 feet tall and appear to be standing in a pool of water.  

The reason for the controversy?  The figures are both completely nude and their "proportions" are often times the talk of many first time gazers.   Others say the artwork by a white Jamaican fails to capture the significance of  Emancipation to the Caribbean.  Either way, they seem to be there to stay and it'd be nice to focus on their true meaning rather than the bodies.

  • The figures took 5 months to complete
  • 100 artists and engineers helped in their creation
  • The male statue weights 2000, the female is 1300 pounds
So for more learning about this park visit their official web site at:  Emancipation Park.   You'll find out cool facts such as no pets are allowed in the park, no bikes or motorized vehicles are allowed and that the park is filled with many flowers.


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