Saturday, April 24, 2010

Trip Report for Sea Mountain Inn

Courtesy of Tim and Serena! 

Travel dates: 2009

We went to Sea Mountain Inn with my wife in 2009 and wanted to share our experience there.

We live in Los Angeles so we hit the freeways and 1 hour and 40 mins later we found ourselves pulling up to SMI in what is an otherwise residential neighborhood. This at first throws you off but you can can tell it's clearly the resort from parking and the giant sign on the wall. When you get to the front gate you'll find it locked but you push a button and one of the staff will see who you are. (I think it's on camera too). In a few moments a staff member came to let us in and take us to the office.

Now the staff at SMI is what makes it great. They take care of you and make you feel at home from the start. We were handed drinks and filled out the sign in sheet. In about 4 mins we were off to our beautiful room. The rooms are VERY nice, no kidding. If Hedo II is a 5-6 (on a scale of 1-10, then SMI has 8-9 rooms on that same scale. Big beds, VERY clean and all the bedding/towels are high quality. The room is Zen like. Big flat screen TV on a mount in the corner of the room with a DVD player built in, a mini fringe, and a very nice shower. Again, the rooms are awesome. BTW, they give you a welcome package including lube, condoms and a porn DVD!

Dewey is an owner at SMI, he's not only a nice guy but a complete riot. I swear he's drinking Red Bull 24 hours a day, the man never stops keeping the party alive and well.

Outside the room there is a nice pool and bubbling hot tub. The resort itself is not huge, perhaps the size of the nude pool at Hedo. Lot's of naked people engaging in open sex, there are NO sex police at this place, that's for sure. It seems a lot of the guests were there for the sex and sharing. The pool was very busy during the day and the hot tub got busy at night.

The music at the resort rocks, a nice mix of party tracks that get you going. In the morning it's chill music till about 10am. There's also a disco room with stripper pole that got it's share of use while we were there. Also a bed in the disco got used more than a few times as we soaked away in the hot tub.

Food: Snack foods are free to guests but it is snack food. If you want a nice Hedo like meal, either order from anywhere or go out. We went to a market prior to going where we got drink and food to help us with our munchies. I'm pretty sure there was a microwave in the room. If not, I know the staff would warm up your snacks in theirs, they're very nice.

Speaking of staff, unlike Hedo they will walk around either topless OR naked, that's a switch. As they stroll around you'll be offered drinks often as you lie there asking yourself if you're in Jamaica or America.

Here's our ratings:

Staff - 10
Rooms - 10
Music - 10
Pools - 9
Food - 5 (snack food)
Party atmosphere - 10
Price/value - 8 (mostly sold out each weekend)

(on the freeway as you get into Desert Palm Springs)

So as a summary, if you're looking for a Hedo like escape here in the states, you'll be very happy. For us SMI is a great 2-3 night place, any longer than that we'd jump on a plane and head to the Tropics.

Vacation Barefoot says, "Thank you Tim and Serena!!!" 


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