Thursday, June 9, 2011

Malibu "Black" - a rum review

Way back in the day, when I first got my taste of rum, it was Malibu Rum.  Malibu Rum is a Barbadian rum that's low on alcohol (42 proof), high on sugar and easy to drink on the rocks.   It's flavored with real coconut and comes in that big white bottle you've surely seen on the liquor shelves or at bars across the planet.

And now Malibu Rum has come out with a new flavor, Malibu Black!   Malibu Black is a 70 proof dark rum that's less sweet according to their website so you can enjoy a "bolder taste of the Caribbean."   Drink Malibu Black straight up and they call it a 'Malibu Black Bite.'

A bottle of Malibu Black will run you anywhere from $11 bucks on sale to over $20 for a 750ml bottle depending on where you get it.   As soon as I see a bottle I'll snatch it up and report back my findings...

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