Friday, June 10, 2011

Dr. Dre's Beat Headphones

 Have you all heard about Dr. Dre's headphone line, Beats?   They seem to be the #1 most popular headphone for music lovers there days.  Anyone that I've spoken with who's tried a pair on has gone crazy over how good they sound.  A friend of mine (who's a DJ) said that they allow you to hear elements that you couldn't hear before that opens up more creative possibilities.

According to their website:  "The music you listen to in your headphones should capture all the sonic details the artist wanted you to hear. But normal headphones can’t deliver the rich, full sound in today’s digital audio tracks, especially not smaller, lightweight headphones. But Solos high performance headphones, which are designed for today’s active lifestyles, deliver sound so real, you’ll be amazed it’s all coming from something so compact and portable."
(click on the pic to learn more)
According to reviewer Becky, "It took me a while to find these headphones for a price I was comfortable spending, but the wait was worth it! These headphones are INCREDIBLE!!! The sound is so crisp and clear with deep bass that isn't overpowering. They block out a great deal of outside noise and are comfortable to wear for long periods of time. I love them!!!"

According to me:  They might make a great travel headphone as they cancel out noise PLUS you can rock some great tunes on your I-Pod/I-Phone or whatever.  

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