Thursday, June 9, 2011

A trip report from DR Nights

It seems "Kevin" read my blog after checking out places in the Caribbean where he could go and find a nice vacation plus a beautiful escort to keep him occupied while there.  Kevin told me he considered all the hot spots, Viking Resort, Oxygen Retreat then he started to Google DR Nights.   

After he booked the  "Golf and Sex" package for $5,000 he was off to the Dominican Republic ready for an adventure.   I'm a golfer too so Kevin and I had been e-mailing for about 3 weeks before he took off.  His package included 4 nights at the resort, 4 girls (24 hours each), 3 golf courses to golf at (Punta Espada, Punta Blanca and Las Canas) and even the aiport transfer where they pick you up with 2 girls in the van!

Anyway...I asked Kevin to send me a trip report, which he did.  Thanks Kevin for booking with us and play on player!

Travel dates:  March 10th to March 13th, 2011

I had booked a trip to DR Nights after researching several like resorts in the area, I choose this resort after speaking to a Mark at the resort and felt very confident that I'd have a good trip there.   Yes, I was there for the ladies but I was also there to just have a regular vacation and golf.  I recently broke up with a girlfriend of 5 years and decided a trip to the island would cure my loneliness. 

I arrive to the airport on Thursday at 3pm and was greeted by the van that would take me over to the resort plus one girl (I guess they were busy back at the resort) named Naomi.  After we got my travel bags and golf clubs in the van I hopped in the back of the van with Naomi and we got underway.  She was very nice and made me relax.  Her English was very very good.  

Once we arrived at the resort they got my gear over to my room as I hung out in the lobby and did some paperwork.  I was about to finish my paperwork when Naomi came back wearing a bikini and had a drink in her hand for me!   At this point I was to pick the first of my 4 ladies for the night and since Naomi was looking so fine I decided I'd see if she could accompany me for the night, she was more than willing.   Before we left I got in with the front desk and booked myself a tee time for Punta Espada at 9am the next morning.

TIPI didn't know that a set of Callaway clubs would be included for my use while golfing, so I could have saved money flying my clubs around.  Lesson learned.

(Kevin asked to be
cropped out, and Naomi)

Naomi and I got back to my room and she helped me unpack but I kept sneaking peaks at her tight body which she caught onto.  Next thing I know she's suggesting we take a shower to refresh myself after a long travel from Texas.  She undressed me and slipped out of her bikini showing me my first look at her hot body.  I started getting excited about the moment we got in the shower and Naomi took matters into her hands (literally).   I managed to hold off the manual assault and sat down on the edge of the shower, Naomi climbed on top of me and gave me an island welcome I'll never forget!  

We headed out to dinner where I enjoyed her company as we feasted down on a tuna steak, vegetables and more drinks.  But I knew my tee time was early so we beat it back to the room by 10pm where we figured another shower would be a great way to end the day.  :-)

The next day we got up early and had a wonderful breakfast of plantains, eggs, rice and black beans.  By 8am I was in the van rolling to the golf course, Naomi offered to go but I wanted some alone time so I declined and headed out.   The driver (Juan) got me to Punta Espada early so I checked in and warmed up.  It was a Friday morning at this point so the greens were slow and I decided to go out by myself instead of waiting to go with a group.  Punta Espada is a decent course that's got amazing views and landscape yet the service is only so-so.  The rates to golf there are around $275 for the 18 holes but includes a mandatory caddy.   But the rates are part of the package so I didn't have to pay that but I did tip my caddy a $50 when I left.  I ended up golfing a 83 so I was fairly happy and ready to get back to the resort to plan out my next night with a new girl.

The next three nights were a blur with much of the same.  Golf, sex, great food, drinks and a wonderful resort.   I'd like to give out a shout out to Sendy (night 2) and Esther (night 3) and Lisvette (final night).   They have photos of these girls at their website so when I get lonely I just go back there and remember the good times on the islands.  


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