Saturday, April 2, 2011

Paradise Beach - Mykonos, Greece

Paradise Beach is a nude/topless party beach in Greece.  It's located on Mykonos island in Greece, Google Map, and it's biggest months of travel are from May to September.  World-renowned, this beach is jammed day and night in summer but is still a beautiful stretch of sand.  Nudity takes second place to the continuous party atmosphere, though toplessness is common.  A campground behind the beach provides a cheap place to stay, making this beach particularly popular with the young and poor, or cheap.  :-)

(see a topless woman at Mykonos)

As one reviewer over at wrote, "Paradise Beach was one of the highlights of of trip to Mykonos in June 2004. We went everyday. The music is loud!! People (college age) dancing on the bar. People from everywhere! 1000's! Food was great and the bar had incredible frozen drinks. The beach is 50% topless and 30% nude. All ages...teen to 70. It's amazing that after a few minutes you don't even notice anyone that is nude or topless. Actually, you stand out more if you aren't topless and/or nude!"

Or another reviewer at wrote, "Eye opening is probably my first impression of Paradise Beach. I don't know if it is quite 'paradise', but it certainly is a party! I entered the beach from the Paradise Beach Resort and Camping (the eastern end i think. I went up through some stairs and into a club (with disco ball and all!) and a small swimming pool - which a woman, topless was getting out of. A few people were on the day-beds to the side. I walked a bit further and saw the actual beach - umbrella covered and chairs (all for hire at 5 euro). 

Then I noticed just about man and woman there was either nude or topless! I went to the sand and laid out my towel and got 'dressed' for the part..which in this case was almost wearing nothing at all! I'm not comfortable going nude, but i stripped to a thong and spent the rest of the day like that. Ironically, although everyone was carefree and themselves nude, i felt there was more voyeurism there than a 'normal' beach in Europe. That said, it wasn't uncomfortably so - it's I guess, the same feeling you'd get at a night club."

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