Saturday, April 2, 2011

Carson National Forest - New Mexico

If you want to visit a location and see lots of wild animals in real life, check out the Valle Vidal reserve which is a portion of Carson National Forest in New Mexico.   Valle Vidal in Spanish means, Valley of Life, so it's no surprise that you might see elks, bears or mountain lions on any given day.  But there's more to do at this National Forest than checking out wild beasts.

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Carson National Forest encompasses 1.5 million acres and is administered by the United States Forest Service. The Forest Service's "mixed use" policy allows for its use for recreation, grazing, and resource extraction.   The forest used to be land of the "Anasazi" and they've left behind ruins of adobe dwellings and other artifacts at an archaeological site now called Pot Creek Cultural Site. 

(New Mexico's largest peak, Wheeler Peak (13,161), is in the park)

In 1982, the national forest grew by 100,000 acres when the Pennzoil corporation donated the Valle Vidal Unit to the American people.   That's the area of the good wild animal sight seeing.  In addition to dodging bears, lions and elk in the summer you can you can hike their 330 miles of trails, fish or camp.  In the cooler winter months you can go skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling.   So year round there's stuff to do at Carson National Forest.

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