Friday, April 8, 2011

Castle Milkersdo a real life "Eyes Wide Shut" location

Castle Milkersdorf in Brandenburg, Germany is pretty much like the castle in the popular sex party scene in the movie 'Eyes Wide Shut.'  It's a weekends only sex club where a fancy "castle", with a luxurious interior and costumes help set the tone for couples to meet and play.

In its heydays back in the 90's, 200 to 300 couples would meet up on the two floors of the sprawling complex, and their huge parking lot overflowed with exotic cars with license plates from all around of Germany and neighboring countries.  These days however, one usually finds parking quite easily right in front of the entrance.

(It's only open on Friday and Saturdays and it's for couples only)

The first floor holds a bar, a library, and a restaurant.  The second floor has several suites, a dark suite, a French Suite, and a “Nude Suite.”  Assorted other rooms offer couples plenty of chances to explore their sexuality.  Amenities include an elaborate wellness center with sauna, whirlpool and showers all located in the vaulted cellars.

  The price of admission can range from 90 Euro (about $128) to 130 Euro (about $185) depending on which night you choose and if you have been there before or not.  At the time of this post a Euro was worth about $1.43US, but this does change.

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