Friday, April 8, 2011

Got $999 laying around for 1 bottle of rum?

Here's a bottle of rum you can buy if you got $999.   The English used to ration out rum to it's sailors for hundreds of years as they jogged back and forth between the UK and the Caribbean.   But this all came to an end in 1970.  But you can buy the very rum they used to chug in this very limited bottling, but it does cost $999, ouch.

As the marketing reads...

The legend is real.  Extremely limited quantities.  This is more of an antique than a beverage, but please feel free to drink it if you like.  Black Tot is the last remaining stock of the original Royal Naval Rum Tot.  On July 31st, 1970 a 300 year old Royal Naval tradition ended when the last rum ration was issued aboard the Royal Navy's vessels.   This day would be remebered as "Black Tot Day".   Since then the rum has sat silently in ceramic flagons in bonded warehouses only served at State functions and Royal weddings.   Thanks to careful storage in these stone decanters, Black Tot Rum is bottled at an incredible 108.6 proof, very close to the original strength, which it was served daily by the British Royal Navy.  Own a piece of history or drink it if you must! 

So rich rum lovers, check them out at $999 Rum.

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