Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Score with ladies in your area! (or vice versa)

You might have heard about AshleyMadison.com from Dr. Phil, Tyra, CNN, The View, Ellen, Larry King and/or Good Morning America.   The bottom line is Ashley Madison is the #1 infidelity assisting website on the internet. 

AshleyMadison.com got it's start in 2001 and these days has over 7.8 million members!   Each month over 700,000 unique visitors go to the site to, well, look for a hook up.

Once you sign up, which is FREE, you can browse Ashley Madison in it's full capacity.  If you wanna hook up with any of the prospects that you find, then you need to dish out a little cash to score.   One guy whom I won't name joined the site and wrote me back telling me he bought the "guaranteed affair" package and within 3 weeks met up with a lady 15 miles from where he lived and they spent one wild night at a Holiday Inn Express, you go Bill.   Opps, I mean...you go man.

Even ladies can sign up and get their pick of tons of guys to meet up with, I'm not here to judge, do as you wish.  I myself am NOT a member and won't participate, but for those in need, what the hell.

So check them out at:  www.ashleymadison.com.

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