Monday, March 7, 2011

FlightTrack Pro app for your I-Phone - a review

Here's perhaps the most comprehensive travel app in I-Tunes, FlightTrack Pro.  What is it and what does it do?  In a nutshell it's an app that helps keep your flights all organized and it provides you with up to the minute notifications on your flights.  With over 5000 airports listed and over 1400 airlines tracked, it’s billed as the most comprehensive flight tracking app in the world.

(you can buy it on I-Tunes for $9.99)

Automatic Synchronization of Itineraries
Just forward your airline confirmation emails to, and flight itineraries from online travel planner TripIt will appear automatically in FlightTrack Pro. Works with over 1,000 travel sites.

The thing I like most about this app is that it allows users to enter an aircraft tail number or FAA flight ID to begin tracking a specific aircraft.  Once an ID or number has been entered, a tracking map of the aircraft and its current position appears.  Just like Google Maps!!!

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