Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Biggest slots in Vegas

What are the biggest slots in Vegas?  I really had no clue so I got to digging around.  As far as I can tell both Wynn and Aria have $5,000 per pull slot machines.   Can you imagine that?   You'd get 100,000 pulls on a nickle slot machine for just ONE pull on the $5,000 machine.

(a $5,000 slot machine after a $755,000 winner)

The above machine paid this lucky winner out $755,000 for his triple blue 7's.  The rich got richer.  But supposedly you can win $1,000,000 on this slot machine, for some combination which I don't know.  You can only play one line at a time, so it must be better than 3 blue 7's.
Most people in Vegas that play stick to the quarter machines up to $100, but for those players who have rich blood, casinos do have "High Roller" areas where the big money machines are.  But hey, I guess if you own millions upon millions of dollars your $5,000 pull is like my $100 pull.  Good for you homie.

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