Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rick's Bar on Duvall Street - Key West

Way down in Key West lies Rick's Bar, Google Map, a very popular entertainment complex that's been pleasing the locals and tourist for a long time. There are a total of 13 bars in the complex, each with it's own personality.

Rick's Entertainment Complex was started in 1984 when Mark Rossi purchased a bar on the current land of Rick's.  Over the years they turned this old bar into the Florida Key's #1 hot spot with all 8 of it's venues.  

You can go to "Ricks Downstairs" which features live music and the best drink prices around.   If you like dancing hit up "Rick's Upstairs" where they play high energy "aka, younger crowd" music and have hot dancing.  "Dirty Harry's" has live rock-n-roll music for those who enjoy that.  If wine and martini's are your thing then you'll want to check out "Rick's Loft."

They also have "Crow's Nest" a VIP bar overlooking the courtyard, "Tree Bar" which only serves premium spirits and fresh squeezed juices and "Ricks Mardi Gras" where Daiquiri’s are the only drink on the menu.

And for the daring..."The Red Garter" which is Rick's strip club that has 6 champagne rooms and hot dancers.  (I've been there in 2001)   They have private dances for couples and singles.  In fact, couples are encouraged to come in and a lot of them do.

Or if you're into the free boobies, then just hit up one of the wet-shirt contests that "Rick's Downstairs" has.  They do those most weekends and women have been known to lose the shirts and even drop the pants.  Crazy.  Either way, Rick's has something for most everybody and if you find yourself in Key West, you might want to swing by.


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