Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day from Vacation Barefoot Travel Blog!

Valentine's Day is celebrated worldwide and is named after St. Valentine, a supposed Christian patron saint for lovers.   It's been around for ages and some people think it's just a man-made holiday, so why bother.  Brothers, bother.  If you love your woman, show her on Valentine's Day.  Get her all the traditional gifts of chocolate, jewelry and flowers...she'll love it.

You can also give your lady an erotic massage.   The massage is easy so long as you follow a few simple rules. Make sure the room is warm enough, then lay a towel on the bed and put some soothing music on the stereo. The sense of smell is very important in sexual arousal.

Pure Erotic Massage: Touch*Feel*Arouse
Pure Erotic Massage $13.57

You could also also cook a meal at home for your babe.  Cook her a sensual meal full of aphrodisiacs.  Start with oysters, packed with zinc, an element your body needs for fertility.  If you're feeling flush, then champagne and caviar are famous foods for love.  For the main course try chicken which contains B6, an essential vitamin for good sexual function.  Finish with figs or pomegranates - the fruits of love.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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