Friday, June 11, 2010

Nude weddings, your thoughts?

Ahhhhh, the big day is here.  Months of planning, nerves going wild.  Will I flub my lines, will I look good naked, are the flowers looking fresh, will it rain?   Wait, nude?  Yes that's right, nude weddings are on the rise in places in Hedonism II in Jamaica and other select nudist resorts.  

But is it right?  Is it any of our business?  How do the ministers feel about them?  

(a little something to ponder)

Each year in Jamaica at Hedo II some 50-60 couples all tie the knot (or renew vows) in the buff.  Jamaica is a conservative island and many of the Islands citizens are not too happy about this.  Personally, I feel you should wear clothes out of respect to the minister and those involved but to each his (her) own.

(one way to go)

So you decide, is it right, wrong or none of our concern?  For more reading on the topic visit here:  Nude Weddings.


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