Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cruise employee uses her job to rob passengers homes!

Here's a story out of Florida that's NOT cool.   A former Royal Caribbean Cruise Line employee has been arrested and charged with burglarizing the homes of 24 vacationers who were spending time at sea.   The police say the woman used her job at Royal Caribbean to find out which local passengers were aboard the ship then her and her dirtbag husband broke into their homes looting all they could.

The sheriff's office says Royal Caribbean has fully cooperated with the investigation.  The cruise line said in its statement, "We regret this incident occurred and hope it does not overshadow the excellent work our more than 40,000 Royal Caribbean employees do every day to provide our guests with memorable and outstanding cruise vacation experiences."

 So travel wise people, be on alert and make sure you are aware of all the scams people try to run on you.  I'm going to provide a list of some safety travel tips to help you along your journey. 
  • Do not use unmarked taxi cabs.
  • Do not wear name tags in public.
  • Park only in well lit and well traveled areas.
  • If possible travel with only one or two credit cards.
  • Have tips ready in advance for service personnel.
  • Back into your parking spaces to facilitate a quick exit.
  • Do not flash your passport in public.
  •  Consider purchasing portable alarms that emit a loud sound.


  1. This is a horrible story and shocking to think that somebody would abuse their clients’ trust in this way. People who take cruises do so regularly and tend to find one travel agent they like and use time and time again. They build up a great relationship with their agent and even treat them more like a friend than somebody they are doing a simple business transaction with. For somebody to abuse this position in this way is sickening. most people in the world are good, but unfortunately it’s the bad ones you remember!

  2. I just came across your blog. I am jealous you've been to Jamaica so many times. I like the tips as well. <3

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