Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cruising on the high seas!

Do you like to cruise?  Do you enjoy your vacations filled with a lot of sex, perhaps with others?  Then a company called YOLO Cruises is just for you.  YOLO (You. Only. Live. Once) is in the business of taking over cruises ships for people in the lifestyle promising plenty of "playful, sexually themed parties, cruise activities and shore excursions."  

(Ships docked in Nassau the port for this cruise)

 Come October 29th, 2010 YOLO has once again booked a Carnival ship for a 3 night fun filled adventure.  Last year was their first sailing and it went off with raging successes.  It was a full ship of like-minded couples looking for fun at sea in a non-judgmental environment.   With last year having events like:  A X-Rated Hypnotist Show, a “Couples Massage” classes, a “BDSM” class and “Squirtinators- Female Ejaculation” you know this ship has more than just standard ship entertainment. 

(A photo from YOLO's site)

This year there are plans for a Carnal Cravings Halloween Ball and naked and recuperating day in addition to whatever fun classes they come up with next.   There will be more designated on-board playrooms with such themes as "naughty schoolgirl" and "masquerade".

Nudity will be allowed in the pool and designated areas but not the whole ship. They ship has over 1,000 cabins for playful couples and a 115 foot long waterside to keep you cool going from Miami to Nassau and back.   Prices for the October voyage start at $399 per person for an inside cabin.

(a topless sunbather on the once topless decks of Carnival)

To book check out their website at:  YOLO Cruises


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