Friday, June 4, 2010

The Dominican Republic - an island of Beauty!

Oh the island of Hispaniola lies the beautiful country of Dominican Republic.   The island is shared with the recently ravished country of Haiti.  But back on topic - The DR.  This island nation is known for it's ballplayers, cigars, music and beautiful people.  Soaring mountains and amazing beaches draw in hundreds of thousands of tourists per year as well.


Aura Beach House at Juan Dolio is, by far, the sexiest lounging spot for sophisticated beach-goers who want to simply pass the day at the beach but definitely don’t want to rough it. Let’s face it. All you want to do is get wet and then get hot in the sun, right? That makes Aura an ultra-sexy spot. Beds canopied with white fabric give optional shady spots (or privacy).  Photos of Aura Beach House

(amazing beaches)


If you're in the mood for nude you should check out Caliente Caribe Resort and Spa.  This all inclusive resort is classy and very well reviewed by those who go.   Drinks, food, entertainment and the sunny beach are all included in one price.  Most rates run about $200 and up per person per day to stay here but deals can be found.  Check them out at:  Caliente Resorts.

(Caliente Resort)

Island Beauty

The island has abundant beautiful in the way of beaches, waterfalls and mountains.  Pico Duarte is the highest peak in all the Caribbean islands standing at a high 10,164 feet!    Also the nation has some of the best golf courses to be found anywhere in the world!  And with it's favorable climate they're open all year round.

(another island beauty)
For more good information on the Dominican Republic check out this site:


  1. Have you been to the Mexican beaches? Personally, I think it's equally great there as in the Dominican Republic. My friends and I spent summer in Cancun and it was awesome!

  2. The Dominican Republic is probably my favourite travel destination. It has got a bit of everything and the food is awesome!


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