Thursday, June 3, 2010

Will Jamaica's recent troubles spell travel deals to come?

Jamaican tourism minister, Edmund Bartlett, has estimated that Kingston’s troubles have cost his country’s tourism sector $350 million U.S. Bartlett has announced a $10-million “promotional and advertising campaign,” which was set to start this week, to try to combat the negative images of blood in the streets.

“It is not going to be a quick fix,” Bartlett warned. “We think that we need at least nine hard months out there to bring it back because the nature of the damage that has been done out there to the brand is very extensive.”

That could mean some terrific bargains for savvy shoppers.

(places like Rick's Cafe in Negril are doing fine despite the troubles in Kingston)

 Canadian officials have warned citizens to avoid non-essential travel to Kingston and exercise a high degree of caution in Jamaica in general. But there’s been little suggestion of trouble in resort areas away from the capital.

Time will tell what the recent events in Jamaica will do to the islands tourist industry.  I would have NO problem heading back myself and we do plan on returning this fall. 

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  1. Everytime something like this happens people are warned to be cautious in jamaica; read the news reports carefully people! it's always in kingston, sections of kingston , or sections of kingston and st. catherine... this stuff almost never directly affects the resort areas...


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