Sunday, June 27, 2010

The oil spill has brides pulling the plugs on beach weddings!

Who wants to walk down the beach in your new Maggie Sottero wedding dress dragging it in oil?!?   The Florida panhandle which has been known as the "Vegas of weddings" for Florida has been witnessing oil wash up on it's amazing beaches in the last few weeks.  

(recent views from Pensacola Beach)

Those in the wedding business say they are suffering along with the oil workers, shrimpers, fishermen, hoteliers and restaurateurs whose jobs and businesses have been undercut by the spill.  DJs, caterers, photographers, ministers, wedding planners and even the people putting the chairs out on the beach all lose out on an otherwise regular stream of money.


  1. The oil spill has affected a lot of people and even travel industries, but I never thought that it can also affect wedding business and other areas related to it.

    I'll just travel to other areas such as Cebu Islands in the Philippines, if you want to know more about it try to visit

  2. Well, am not really expecting that on that oil spill. Hmm! I guess that oil spill affects different types of business. I think the government should do something about that.


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