Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Use that sun for personal power! Solar Chargers

That sun beats down especially hard in the summer months, so take advantage of this never-ending power source with a portable solar charger!   Introducing the Solio Classic I-Solar Charger!

This bad boy is FREAKING cool.  To date over 1 million people have purchased and tend to agree with me.  I can give you all the specs but the bottom line is, you lay this in the sun and it holds a mean charge for any number of personal electronics.  With changing tips it can work with well over 3,000 gizmos and it holds it's charge for a years time - amazing.

No sun?  No problem, you can also charge the device with a USB cable or plug it into the wall, but the sun is the way to go.  It can't be overcharged so you don't have to think too much about blowing it up!  :-D   When exposed to the sun it's charge ready in about 8 hours and that power will remain in the device for a year.  This amount of power will give you about 10 hours of talk time, cool!

  It's priced around $80 it could be the only charger you need while on the road and traveling.  When you order you get one free tip and you can then buy others.   Order below and start being GREEN today!

Solio Classic-i Solar Charger (iGo Ready) for iPod, iPhone, & Other USB Devices - Gun Metal 

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