Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How to Get a Comped Hotel Room in Las Vegas!

In Las Vegas comps are a hotel casino standard, but how do YOU get in on it?  The best way?  Waste your money on the tables and then the hotels really start digging you.  But the best way to increase your changes are highlighted below with 5 great tips.

Ask for things - Casinos are never going to just give you free stuff unless you ask.  So check with the front desk or the concierge and see what happens.

Join the casino's "Player Club" - Most casinos have clubs that not only track your play but register you with the hotel so they can tell that you're a frequent visitor.  The more you gamble the more they'll up your chances for free stuff.

Gamble BIG - Especially when the pit boss is looking!  The more you gamble the more you'll get things.  And when that pit boss is around go big and when not, save your money.  Don't forget to look like a loser, that might even get you a pity comp!

Charge everything to your hotel room - Dinners, shopping, drinks, it all adds up. You can't avoid having to spend quality time at a high limit table to earn a comp, but charging anything and everything you can to your hotel room certainly doesn't hurt your chances for ending up comped.

 Spend all your money at the hotel at which you want the comp - The folks in charge of comp giving are more likely to hand you freebies when they see that you've kept a lot of business in the hotel.

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