Friday, April 16, 2010

Resort/Cruise safety?

I'm sure you might have heard at this point about the very unfortunate events in Mexico where a Survivor TV show producer named Bruce Beresford-Redman meet up with his wife and somehow she ended up dead.  He's been arrested as a suspect and is stuck in Mexico as authorities sort through what might have happened.   This all happened in Cancun at Moon Palace Golf and Spa Resort as pictured below.

This all got me to thinking, how often do crimes like this happen on resorts and/or cruise ships?  I did some 'net research and found out that it happens more than it should!

In 2003 a Negril, Jamaica resort gardener heard strange noises at 4am and went to investigate.  He got chopped (beat up) by some criminals who were on the grounds.  The gardener got to the hospital and returned to work.  Soon after he heard them again and went back for more, this time they shot him dead while stealing items from guests at the resort.  Read about it here:  Jamaica Story.

A mystery aboard a cruise ship on the Aegean Sea has left many puzzled since 2006.  A young married couple just had a picture perfect wedding when they took their honeymoon on a cruise ship.  Sometime in the night the new husband just disappeared after a night of celebration on the ship.  Speculation is is that he feel from the cabin window into the ocean.   Read about it here:  Mysterious Cruise Story

And I remember so clearly 29 year old Claudia Kirschhoch who just vanished into thin air out of Jamaica in 2000.  She was staying at Sandals but heading into Negril to hang out at local hot spots.  When it was time for her to check out she just disappeared leaving behind all of her personal affects in the room.   Nobody ever figured it out and now it's been 10 years.    Read about it here:  Story of missing woman from Jamaica.

So with all of these cases (and many more but I got depressed looking at them all) we should all be aware of just how differtly our minds work while on a vacation.  On another post of mine, Peep hole cameras not cool, I highlighted several really good safety tips one should take on any trip.  As you can see from these very sad stories it's honestly best to play it VERY safe when away from home.


  1. I am bummed about the Moon Palace story. I was there in 2000 and it is such a great place to have something so tragic happen on its grounds.

  2. Dude! You're the last website with the search of the word Negril! Congratulation!

  3. The last???

    Results 1 - 10 of about 1,300,000 for negril. (0.28 seconds)

    Did you really scroll thru 1,300,000 listings to find out? Fantastic! :-D


    Thanks for your comments Yvette. It is very sad indeed.

  4. How can somebody chop anyone disgusting. This is a honeymoon vacation resorts resorts to enjoy.


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