Saturday, April 17, 2010

I never knew sushi could be so erotic!

Seems these days EVERYONE loves sushi.   For lunch, dinner, dates, snacks - even guys are into this fishy snack.  One trend for snacking on sushi is called Nyotaimori, which is a Japanese old custom for the privileged few.   You don't need a place, all you need is a naked woman lying back with leaves and the sushi laid out on her body.  

"Female body presentation" in action
It's a funny little thing.  I'm not personally into sushi and naked women are fine, but I'm not all together sure if I want to eat any food off a naked woman.   I found one place that's currently active and looking for models.  They'll pay a lady a whopping $50 per hour (yes, that's scaracasm) for their efforts.  Here's once such place, Fish Bar Sushi.  

It just all gives a new meaning to "sexual appetite".   Your thoughts???


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