Thursday, April 15, 2010

Damn that Spirit Airline - no more bag fees please!

Spirit Airlines recently announced it's going to start charging between $20 to $45 for your carry on bags.  Not the bags a lot of airlines charge that go under the plane, I'm talking your CARRY-ON.   How can they justifuy this cost?  Spirit COO Ken McKenzie also says fewer carry-on bags will speed boarding and deplaning.

 This is the first US airline to charge for carry-on bags.  If you can fit your bag UNDER your seat, it's free.  Otherwise it's $20 to $30 if you pay in advance or $45 if you show up with your bag the day of.   Mr. McKenzie is claiming this will help lower the cost of travel on his planes but I say you call it what it is, just more bogus costs for the airlines to make money.

(One angry Focker)

Maybe I'm just a little cranky because I'm doing this blog post first thing in the AM but I don't like all these extra charges that are coming about.   Retort back to an eairler post of mine for which airlines charge what in travel:  Airline Charges.  Even tho that post is just a few months old, even it might be out of date in this ever changing travel market.

I'm still saying SouthWest and Virgin American are the two best airlines.  But if you insist on paying for your carry-on contact Spirit:  Spirit Air.  They did have a $49 one way special to Columbia, but I'm still not happy.  :-/

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