Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Febreze Meadows and Rain Candles

Sticky hotel rooms BE-GONE!   I've posted about these before and I'm doing it again because they're the bomb.  We've recently booked another trip for Negril (more on that later) and I'm super pumped up about it.  It's all about the anticipation of the trip.  The smell of the ocean, the sunsets, the great food.  And a nice candle burning in the evening after a great night out.

These candles not only smell good, they actually eliminate odor!  Perfect for when you travel.  You get get this 6-pack delivered from Amazon for $32 bucks.  Beings each candle burns for about 80 hours, you're covered for an entire week of travel and extra for home!  (take 2 with you on the road)

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