Monday, March 12, 2012

Apple's first computer...

This post has nothing to do with travel, unless you're looking at time travel.  I found an ad for Apple's very first computer, the Apple I.   It was released out of Steve Jobs parents garage, Google Map, back in 1976.  The cost?  $666.66, what's up with that?  #1.  It seems like a lot of money back then, especially for a computer that didn't even come with a keyboard, monitor, case or power supply.  #2.  $666.66?  I always try to avoid that number.  Strange.

(Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs with a Apple I)

These days the Apple I is a big time collectors item.  In fact, a unit sold in $213,600 in 2010 because it not only included the computer itself but a lot of original packaging.  Included were:  the original packaging (with the return label showing Steve Jobs' parents' address, the original Apple Computer Inc 'headquarters' being their garage), a personally typed and signed letter from Jobs (answering technical questions about the computer) and the original invoice showing 'Steven' as the salesman.

Maybe the $666.66 price was worth it, if you'd had the hindsight!

BONUS LINK:  Check out this ad for the Apple I.

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